Ardor has no sound

So i am running the app on my macbook and i can create a loop and it says its running my vst plug ins but the stupid things got no sound. why doesn’t it have sound. i tried calibrating it and it told me i have faulty wiring? what? it says you are not connected to any audio back end. well the core audio is useless it looks like and calibrating is too.

betakid: thousands of people use Ardour, with sound. There's no possible way for us to help you with a problem when you state it as generically as "why does ardour have no sound". We generally find that IRC (see for details) is much better for support than a web forum, since we can interact with you in real time.

The message about wiring for calibration is actually a lot more specific than "faulty wiring", and is shown because calibration (which is not necessary for many users) requires that you create a physical "loopback" between your soundcard/audio interface's outputs and inputs, which it seems fairly likely that you did not do.

So I arranged an aggregate device and found that it was showing sound levels in the sound meters on the top of the display and in my specific Midi/Audio synth region. That was the first issue. I then went to configure the sound and its giving me an error and the frequencies aren’t the same, and the information about it looks like this: (Bad Wiring). I fiddled with it and it may be worse now.

This is happening after the loop back I think. I arranged the Midi/audio regions input and output mapping too, its showing clipping even.

I think you’re totally confused, and should really get on IRC to talk to us in realtime.

Well since you think I’m confused, why not clarify why I am confused? What is the loop back and how is it different from what I am talking about? (Configuring the aggregate device, seeing bad wiring after configuration, not having the back end, and after mapping inputs and outputs from the MIDI track the VST sits on)


The issue and why I think you are confused (Not sure about Paul) is you are describing things that make no sense in the context of not getting audio. I think you are discussing the process to get a precise latency measurement (And requires working audio), but even that i am not sure about, and because of this it is difficult to help you. That is why a realtime communication like IRC is a much better place for this as we can ask questions and get answers fairly quickly to determine exactly what your problem is vs what you are doing to fix the problem that may have nothing at all to do with it.


In my experience, if you have the loopback device selected, you don’t get sound; if that’s how you’ve got it set up, try selecting an actual audio device in the drop-down box on the audio setup dialogue and see what happens.