Ardor 6.9 Problem when exporting audio files

Good day,
on March 29th, 2022 I installed Ardor 6.9 on my Windows 10. Hardware:
Thinkpad W520, 500GB SSD FP(400GB free) 16GB RAM. Mono recordings are OK.
But when exporting as a wav file to disk, the recording plays back
slower (analysis was OK).
As a sound card I use M-Track Plus, without “Jack”.
Which ticks do I have to remove so that the wav file has the same
quality as the recording after the export?
I would be thankfull for your help.
Greetings Screaming

Check the sample rate on your sound card. Usually if a file plays back faster or slower it’s a sample rate mismatch.

What soundcard are you using, and which sample-rate (Menu > Window > Audio/MIDI Setup).

Most onboard soundcards in laptops (HDA intel) can only do 48kHz.

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