Arc-ish theme for Ardour

Hi there,
I made a theme for Ardour that blends well with my gtk theme (Arc), I figured others might be interested: GitHub - jean-emmanuel/ardour-arc-theme: Arc / Nord inspired theme for ardour
Now I wish the black border around buttons could be changed but its hardcoded unfortunately :wink:


A screenshot would be nice…

Here you go, first post updated.

Thanks! Very nice work! Great winter theme for those of us in the northern hemi! :ice_cube:

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Thank you ! There’s still some ongoing polishing as I wander through the interface, but I can say it feels like home already :slight_smile:

Its more then good. I’ll be using it. Its eye friendly, doesnt distract attention. I’ll focus not on the colors but on the work Thanks.

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Looks great! I would love to have a variant with higher contrast between colors. It’s easier to discern UI elements that way.

I don’t know if the Nord-based color scheme will work for you then, it’s all about understated subtlety and ‘cool’ colors, you might like the newly added Xcolors theme if you prefer more contrast.

I’m using it on monitors with a pretty high contrast level so it’s fine by me but I made the theme so that it’s very easy to edit, playing with the arc-background-* colors in the palette tab should do.

It’s now updated for ardour 7.2.


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