aqtivizeen - Psychodelic Electronic Rock

Instruments: Youshimi LV2, Calf SF2

Some very cool sounds in there!

xv1t: I loved it :slight_smile: You really squeezed some very interesting sounds out of Yoshmi, I mean the stuff that starts at 1 min 12 seconds. Simply wonderful :slight_smile: And I like the “chorus” too (starting from 48 seconds).

In my opinion the start of the song as it is, is kind of vague rhythmically with echoes that are not in sync with the rhythm or the drums that start later. This matters when you hear the song the first time. I think the song should start with the version of the first theme at 1 min 20 seconds or maybe even with the interesting noises at 1 min 13 secs.

I don’t mean to criticize the song, it is just a minor thing and I think the song is great. It’s really great work. Please keep on making more of these, I really enjoyed this one :slight_smile:

mhartzel: Thanks!
This is my the first experience in the Ardour :wink: