Apply normalization in LAN seems to having no effect

I have the feeling that clicking on the Apply button of LAN window has no effect on the pegel of my session, after I have changed the Target value of the Integrated Loudness value to -14 (Youtube spec).
When I re-analyze the session the integrated loudness’ Target is set to -14, but the sound is kind of as it was before the normalization and the diagram still shows the integrated loudness value (the green line below) at around -23 as it was originally. What am I missing here, can any one please help?

Here is the LAN window after one time applying the normalization, note the green line…

Gain to normalize: 0dB
Previously applied gain: -1.0 dB
Total gain: -1dB

So there is no change, on the master-bus there should still be -1dB gain applied to the output.

I don’t understand! So what should I be doing here?

to my understanding it reads “you’re already on the other side”, so click [apply] for 0 or don’t and it’ll be the same in the end :wink:

But why does the graph then shows an integrated gain of ca. -23?

In your case the limiting factor is the digital peak.

11.2dB gain would need to be added to reach the -14 LUFS target, but that would clip the audio, since the peak signal is already -1dBTP.

In order to meet both constraints you would need to add a Limiter or Compressor to shave off some digital peaks, or bring up the overall volume while reducing dynamic range.

PS. During export, Ardour can do this automatically, there is a built-in limiter with fixed 10ms release time.

When manually matching Loudness you can use a limiter or a multi-band compressor to your liking.

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