Apply effects to part of a track?

Hello. Just got my first Ardour project started yesterday. So far so good. One question for now: How do I apply an effect to part of a track, not the whole track?

One region is layered over another in one track. The crossfade is great, but the top layer is louder than the bottom layer so it sounds weird. So I thought, no prob, I’ll just apply the LADSPA amplify to bring it down a decibel or two. Selected the region, applied the effect in the mixer, but the whole track was brought down.

Do I need to start from scratch on the spliced-in part or is there a way to just slap the effect on that part of the track?


there currently is no way to apply an effect to just part of a track. at least not in the way you’re used to.

however, you can create automation for that particular track so that the effect only affects the part that you want.

if you click on the little ‘a’ button for the track in question, you can make visible any automatable parts of your track. that includes gain, panning, etc, and any effects you’re using. the automation is represented graphically underneath the visible audio waveform for your track. just choose to show automation for the track’s gain, and adjust accordingly for the section you want to soften.

it’s a lot simpler than it sounds. you won’t even need to fiddle with a ladspa plugin.

regions have their own gain envelope.

right click on the region, and from context menu select both “Envelope Visible” and “Envelope Active”.

then manipulate the line/envelope as you wish.

yeah, i suppose that’s easier than my way. guess i’m a bit of an automation junkie.

that being said, several of my friends whom i’m convinced to try ardour have griped about the lack of a protools-alike way of applying effects. personally, i never really got used to protools’ workflow. ardour has always seemed a little more accessible to me.

per-region FX were a proposed Summer Of Code project last year, and they may still appear at some point.

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Tried both ways and they both worked great. Thanks a ton!

I’m having so much fun learning all this stuff. I had been using Audacity but of course Ardour is far more sophisticated. It’s really going to take my music to a whole new level.

As for ProTools, never tried it 'cause I don’t use proprietary software unless forced. Alsa really does seem to produce superior sound to anything you get out of any device. Low latency is great for recording, but there are definite advantages in output too.