Apply effects from one section

I have an mp3 track made up of different appended mp3 tracks.

The beginning section of the track (about 15 seconds) is perfect for my use as far as effects.

Is there a way to apply the effects from that one section of track to the entire track overwriting the existing effects and parameters of the rest of the track?

Or can I make a copy of the remainder of the track and apply the effects of that section to the new track?

Or if I made a completely separate track of that good section and then a separate new recording, Is there a way to apply the effects of that one track to the new track?

In short is there a way to overwrite the effects of a track with new effects?

If I am understanding you correctly, short version is no. That would be the equivalent of black magic in the world of audio processing.


You can add new effects, but in general you cannot remove existing effects. To add new effects you would have to learn to recognize by ear the effect you want, and create by adding appropriate plugins to the track.

I’m baffled by the other answers. If you’re talking about a track in Ardour, ‘effects’ are plugins that are applied to the wav file data. They do not change the underlying audio data. " overwriting the existing effects and parameters of the rest of the track" does not happen in Ardour.

Effects are run in real time and are not applied at all. The result is mixed with the audio passing through Ardour. I think you meant this but me being pedantic about terminology:)

I believe the difference in terminology applies here in that the way I took it the OP was referring to an audio file that was imported into Ardour with audio effects already applied (Thus my clarification in terminology above) or printed if you prefer. In those cases you cannot remove those audio effects that are already part of the audio data on disk.

If however I misunderstood a clarification is in order by the OP. If referring to ONLY effects that are inserted in Ardour, then yes you are correct, Ardour being non-destructive means you can automate those affect parameters in Ardour as long as you remain in Ardour, but obviously this would not apply to any effects already applied to the track before it is imported into Ardour, nor would it apply to an export of Ardour re-imported into a new session.


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