Application hangs once an hour for a second

I’m using 32 bit Ardour on a 64 bit Windows 10, with this setup:

  • HP Envy notbook with this CPU:
  • Digital piano, connected on a USB cable as MIDI input
  • ESI Phonorama (With Asio4All)
  • It happened with different plugin setups.

It happens roughly once or twice an hour that Ardour “hangs” for around a second, while it goes silent. After it comes back, it plays quickly the missing notes, and then goes back to normal.

I added Ardour to the exception list of Windows Antimalware, so it won’t scan the process in memory, but that didn’t help, so the reason must be something else.

Did anyone experience similar? Can it be a garbage collection issue? (I tried to look at the codebase, but it was too big)

It seems that the problem was solved at general settings window of Ardour:

  • CPU utilization: use all cores (it has 4 logical cores)
  • Memory cache: I’ve set it to the maximum of 1 gig. (My notebook has 16 gigs, so most of the mem is unused)

I haven’t noticed the issue since these changes.