Apostool, Ardour Puredata Osc Scripting tool

Hey all,

I recently delved into the OSC possibilities of Ardour, and came up with a first patch that is helpful to me, and hopefully helpful to others.

It allows you to write chains of OSC commands targetted on the menu items of Ardour. The list of available commands was found in mnemonic.us.bindings.in. You can also adjust delays between the commands.

You can write your own scripts manually and run them through the patch, or create them with the patch directly. Currently can chain up to 10 messages and can save up to 32 scripts.

To use it, you will need Pd-extended or Pd-vanilla with some externals (additional info about the required objects in the README included in the tarball).
You will also need to activate OSC in ardour, to know your hostname (if you’re running Pd on another computer), and the port Ardour is listening on.

Basic walk-through:

  • open Ardour
  • activate OSC within Ardour
  • note the listening port in the console (any other way to know it?)
  • open the patch with pd.
  • Adjust host and port settings.
  • Hit the “connect” checkbox.

The rest should be pretty sel-explanatory, except maybe that to modify a line you just added, you click on the far right button, then click on the desired message in the browser list and hit the “select” button that just appeared.

Future enhancements will include the ability to bind such “scripts” to midi or keyboard events, and to add the "traditional’ OSC messages that Ardour understands (like mute/solo/play/stop/record etc) to your scripts.

Thanks Paul for giving me hints about the right sytaxes for these messages, and about the file to find the arguments in.

http://gwen.coffy.name/Puredata/Apostool/ is where you can find the archive.


Just a quick note to let you know that at least one person here is interested in this tool. Algorithmic mixing via Pd + Ardour is a terrific notion. All I need is time to experiment with it. :frowning:



Thanks for the note, DavePhillips. :slight_smile:
It felt too much quiet here. :wink:

To be honest, I didn’t expect many people to be interested in this.

Believe it or not it is something I am interested in and have considered doing a couple of times, but haven’t had the time when I have had the use for it. I will likely eventually be checking it out, I just am back in one of those times I don’t have a need again:)


Hi, This looks great!
I am a relative newcomer to Ardour (have used it occasionally before). I am a SW/HW developer and occasionally a music hobbyist. I am very interested in OSC capability. Thanks Seegwen for Apostool and the quick getting started tutorial. I am still getting my various pieces of gear in shape and working with my Linux installation so it may be a little while before I get to use it, but this is definitely a direction I want to go in. Thanks again!


These programs may be of interest to those of us who like experimenting with OSC:



The author of AlgoScore is working on an improved version of that program and an OSC-based sequencer. Could be fun. :)



Oh, there it’s working again…

@DavePhillips: I’ve been trying to reach the algoscore website for days since I read your article about it in linuxjournal and it was always offline. It seems it’s back.
The other one seems very interesting too.

Thanks you for the links,

Hello, someone has a working link to download apostools ?


Download link is at the bottom of the page.