Apogee Duet and Ardour?

Dear experienced Ardour-crowd!

Quick question: does Ardour work with the Apogee Duet?

Disclaimer: I am a newbie! :slight_smile:

I recently downloaded Ardour and am loving it. I now want to buy an Apogee Duet (other suggestions welcome - but I thought the Duet is great for portable studio purposes…) but I am not sure whether I will be able to use Ardour with it. Any experience with this? I really want to be part of the Ardour community etc - but for this I need to know if Ardour is compatible with the hardware of my choice…

Waiting for your replies :)))

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Mixbus and Ardour are identical in this regards, both depend on Jack, and yes the Apogee does work with Jack on Mac OS X(Not Linux yet sorry). I use it all the time for portable recording.


Just a small pedantic note: Ardour itself doesn't interact with or have compatibility issues with any audio interface hardware. The question to ask is "is there a fully compliant device driver available for the hardware I want to use?"

On OS X that is generally likely to have a positive answer (certainly for the Duet). If the device works with other CoreAudio applications, then it works with JACK, and thus with any application (like Ardour or Mixbus) that uses JACK.

On Linux, the reluctance of certain manufacturers (including Apogee but extending to many others) to provide the information required for the Linux community to create a driver, or to provide a driver themselves, means that the answer is less often "yes". For PCI and USB devices, device support is detailed here: http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Main and for Firewire devices at http://ffado.org/?q=devicesupport/list

Thank you very much for your kind responses.