Aplying VST to Micrphone


I’m trying to apply vst effects to my microphone (live) to use the resulting output in skype (the skype part is not a problem).

First of all I’ve got Jack2+qjackctl+ardourvst(compiled by myself) working without the realtime kernel (something i’ll do later).

The problem is not about Ardour not recognizing my VST Plugins… It will load them perfectly and I don’t see any problem at all in the console output.

Then I change my Jack connections to something like MICROPHONE->MASTER TRACK ->PLAYBACK for testing… so whenever y apply a plugin to MASTER TRACK I should hear the modified stream in my headphones.

The thing is that, When I plug any of the vst plugins I have (which load perfectly and let me move the little controls around), like Vocal Track, the stream goes mute and I can’t hear anything.

Am I missing something here?

Also it works perfect when I use any of the bundled ardour plugins… Like Simple Delay.

Any help will be very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Just try this.

Create a mono bus.
Place the ladspa plugin “mono to stereo splitter” at the top most position in the mono bus.
Below this place your vst plugin in the bus.
Do this for INSERT effects.
Create a mono bus.
Create a stereo bus.
Put your vst in the stereo bus and create a send control in the mono bus pointing to stereo bus.
Do this for SEND effects

Connect the mic to the mono bus, in either case. Consider realtime kernel for low latency ; you definitely need it. I don’t think inserting fx in master bus is good for your setup.

I’m using a generic kernel and getting ~2ms latency on my tracking box. Depending on what kernel version you’re using, you probably don’t actually need a realtime kernel.

I don’t think it can be the master bus setup causing the problem - the OP says that it works as expected if he uses LADSPA plugins.

a couple of questions -

  1. do you have the same problem with all VST plugins?

  2. if it’s only the one plugin, are you sure that it doesn’t have some gain control that you’ve accidentally got turned all the way down?

  3. If LADSPA plugins work, why not use them? I must say I’ve never had anything but trouble trying to work with VST plugins. I’m sure some of them may be very nice and all, but the thought of what’s going on under the hood to make them work gives me the creeps.