anyting similar to fabfilter plugin?


is there anything similar to FabFilter Limiter out there?

I would like to work with limiters in a graphical way.

thanks in advance,


Calf Limiter. Or if mastering, probably better results from Calf’s Multiband Limiter.

If we’re talking about linux then I think it’s an area which is currently lacking. Calf Limiter is not that great and there are very few other options as far as graphical limiters go.


Sorry I’m not familiar personally with Fabfilter but I am also not completely enthused with the available native Linux limiters so far, I have to admit to using Thomas Mundt’s Loudmax Windows VST which is extremely transparent even at aggressive settings. On 64bit systems I use Loudmax within the Carla plugin host in Ardour and on 32bit systems I use Loudmax directly in a special ‘ArdourVST’ build (it is included in the 32bit AV Linux version).

Loudmax VST is free,

A super nice Compressor/Limiter is U-he Presswerk which I have started to use. It is not cheap but it is considered to be awesome. All U-he software is available as Linux VSTs in beta status.

They are really stable and have not failed me once. I mainly use their soft synths but also Presswerk and Satin

Check out:
Linux builds at:


I’ll be keeping an eye on U-he’s LinuxVST releases, and it’s good that somebody is supporting LinuxVST, but meanwhile, if we’re talking about non-free limiters, OvertoneDSP FC70 is on the master bus for just about everything.

all this solutions are great but I really like the graphical aproach of fab,
you have a direct representation of the amount of wave (signal) you’re cutting off.

have anyone tried to use it with wine?

Pro-* all work fine with airwave for me.

just want to confirm that fabfilter works with carla and ardour.

didn’t test on a real project, just a quick look.

The new LSP plugins seem to have a scrolling display to the fabfilter:

looks very promising. I’ve contacted with the author.