Anyone willing to make a tutorial?

Ok. I’m new to linux. I’ve just finished installing Mandriva 2006 and I can’t even start installing Ardour.
Could anyone please give a detailed explanation on how to install it on mandriva 2006?

I know it might be some hard work, but the readme files don’t say much for people like me, who are just starting with linux.

I untar the file and see lots of folder but none of them make sense to me… lol…


I don’t use Mandriva2006 but I think it’s quite the same for every distribution.
First of all, if you want to compile ardour by yourself, make sure to install the dependencies needed by ardour including the devel packages of these ones. You can found a complete list of packages that ardour needs here:

After that, it’s simple as untar the archive (tar -xvjf ardour-.tar.bz2 --bzip2), enter the folder that was created and type:
su -c “scons install”; (you’ll be asked for the root password at this point)

and now you’ll have ardour in your path (in usr/local/bin) and you’ll be able to run it by simply type ardour; :slight_smile:
P.s: if you want to speed up a bit the compilation type scons -j2; instead of scons;

Go to ,here you can find the rpm package and all other rpms you might need (jackit, qjackctr)for mandrive to make an easy installation of ardour without need of any commandline

I’ve written a tut on using ardour. I think it’s been widely read and used. I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

On the download link they specifically stated no jack support:

“Mac OSX installer 2006/01/20 (without jack support)”

I just ask because your tut does require jack.

Great tut, though.

On OS X, it is not necessary for an application to know about JACK in order to use JACK to connect it to another CoreAudio or JACK application.

However, at this time, it is not possible to share transport information between CoreAudio-only applications (since CoreAudio has no concept of such a thing at this time). So you can route audio between Hydrogen and Ardour on OS X with a non-JACK-enabled version, but they won’t share transport control.

While my tut doesn’t yet cover installation, I’m hoping to include a section on installing in the future, when I get a linux partition set up.