Anyone using IR convolution reverb?

Trying to use this LV2 IR reverb with latest builds of ardour throws error “buffer size requirements cannot be satisfied.”

The development seems to have stalled. Are there other options for Ardour, or maybe an easy tweak to the code?

I’ve been using this with no issues for a couple of years. I’m just using whatever version is in Debian stable or kxstudio at the moment.

What is your set up?

I am compiling from scratch on Fedora 21 - using both versions on the IR website. Must be a quirk with Fedora maybe.

Installed from AUR (Arch) without any problems.

I’m also using it without problems, but I modified realtime priority:
in file change the line (it should be line 49)


Choose your favourite priority, mine is a little lower than jack.

Hmmm… Tried the KlangFalter convolution…

But get the same “buffer size requirements cannot be satisfied.” error.
But others report similar with KlangFalter:

I thought it was an issue with my machine… (Fedora 21, 32 bit, 4GB RAM). But perhaps others are not using certain versions of 4.4. Does 4.6 still load the convolution plugins for you?

What sort of buffer sizes do you have configured in Jack? Could be worth reducing them (unless they’re incredibly low) to see what happens. That’s the approach that the error message suggests to me…