Anyone using GrandOrgue with Ardour on Windows?

Is anyone using GrandOrgue with Ardour on Windows?

I’m fairly new to Ardour, but I’ve been using GrandOrgue heavily for many years, and I need them to play nice together.

They don’t seem to want to share the audio hardware. When Ardour starts its audio engine, G.O. goes silent until I stop Ardour’s audio engine and hit G.O.'s panic button. I tried using Jack, but G.O. didn’t like it.

At the very least, I need to send MIDI from Ardour to G.O.; G.O. can record its own audio output to a file, which I can import into Ardour. The MIDI events are getting sent & received just fine, but Ardour doesn’t want to play at all without its audio engine turned on, and then I can’t hear G.O. That’s a problem because I need to clean up the MIDI tracks in Ardour, which I can’t do without hearing G.O.

Is there some way I can use Ardour strictly as a MIDI sequencer, without it touching the audio hardware (drivers)?

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Virtual MIDI cables:

These are not for midi, This may be of some use:

No, this is not possible. Ardour is driven by the audio hardware.

I wonder would it be possible to run JACK on Windows and then simply use it as audio backend for both apps?

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I finally found a work-around: one of my monitors has built-in audio, which registers itself as an audio device. I rarely use it, as the sound quality is terrible compared to my main sound system. However, if I tell Grand Orgue to use the monitor’s sound device, then I can drive G.O. with Ardour and still hear G.O., if poorly. I wanted to run Ardour through the monitor’s sound device, but I couldn’t get Ardour to even see it.

Jack totally doesn’t work on my system. I can’t even get it to start its server.

– Ed

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