Anyone using Ardour to score film/do sound design for film?

Hey! I’m just looking for examples of people that use Ardour for these specified tasks. It’s a boasted feature of Ardour, and I’m interested to see who’s using this feature.

If this is you, and you’re using Ardour for this, please drop a link to anything you’ve made using Ardour. Thanks!

Multiple 48 Hour Film Projects, not all of them succesfully completed (Not always on audio, we were doing 3D Animation), and initial work on Tube/Wires for Empathy several years back along with some unreleased commercial test projects. Also used it for several recorded theatrical performances that were then taken in to mix and stream to audiences at set times during Covid more recently. Occasional TV and Radio commercials thrown in there for good measure as well and a couple of other things like crowdfunding videos for projects etc.

Obviously quite a few of these I don’t have permission to share. One of the ones I can from years ago was one of the 48 Hour film projects: Grey Justice: Puncher of Men on Vimeo

Technically that version I think I spent one additional hour after we submitted it trying to quickly get a basic music/sound balance in as I didn’t get the music from the composer until later than I was hoping for and the submitted version wasn’t balanced well. (As after I get the audio done I needed to give it to the 3D team to do the final renders and exports on a render farm so we actually had to have audio done earlier than you would think, but still can’t get to work to much on it till we get initial renders as well so a nice catch-22)

I believe the composer in that instance worked in Logic but I am not sure, the final mix was done in Ardour I think (I work in Mixbus a lot these days, and I can’t remember if Mixbus existed at that time for me to be able to work in it so Ardour is most likely).

And yes the distortion on the voices is very intentional, think 1950s broadcast serial but with audio inspiration from old time radio drama:)