anyone knows a plugin like a shimmer reverb

(Xbreathe1001) #1

Hi, anyone knows a plugin for Linux sounds like a shimmer reverb for ambient Musik?

(Marco) #2

Maybe try this

(Xbreathe1001) #3

Thanks a lot. There look verry good ! can you tell me how i can install it? Iḿ sorry music on linux is more a hobby for me iḿ not a prfessional :slight_smile:

(Marco) #4

I think the easiest way to get it is to install the KX repositories:
If you want to try to build it by yourself look at this thread: or ask directly there. :slight_smile:

(Xbreathe1001) #5

Thanks a lot lilith33 ! I use the kxstudio repros under Ubuntu 18.04 and the SHIRO Plugins works great. The Shimmer effect have his own independent sound ! Great!