Anyone have a midnam file for Addictive Drums 2?

Hi, although I don’t use XLN Addictive Drums all the time I do find it very valuable for getting beat sketches together for Demos usually to be re-recorded by an actual drummer later. I was wondering if any of my Linux (with yabridge), Windows or MacOS brethren/sistren have created a midnam file to key map AD2 in Ardour, if so would you be willing to share it?

I just ended up making my own AD2 midnam, if anyone wants it or the devs want to add it to Ardour it can be downloaded here you may need to create a ‘patchfiles’ folder in your Ardour config folder and then unzip the midnam there… For Linux users this will be in ~/.config/ardour8

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I’m tempted to add this, unless isn’t AD configurable, so this would only work with a given specific setup?


This is the standard out of the box mapping from the XLN Audio Website PDF without the optional brush mappings, I personally think the brush mappings should be done in a separate midnam (which I can do if you want them included as well). For most people who don’t change the mappings manually or don’t select an alternate mapping within AD2 for a specific controller this would at least be something that can be used with the default Plugin settings.

Further to this I have made an Addictive Drums 2 Keymap that corresponds to the AVL-Drumkits mapping. So, if you’ve programmed a song with an AVL Drumkit in Hydrogen or a DAW (eg Ardour, Reaper etc…) and you want the AVL mapped MIDI file to play with the Addictive Drums 2 Plugin and have all of the kitpieces to be correctly mapped then you need to use both the included custom AD2Map file in AD2 and the AVLtoAD2 midnam file in Ardour.

Download here


  • Instructions for placing the AD2Map file on a Linux system are included in the Zip but for the lazy:
    /home/<USERNAME>/.wine/drive_c/users/<USERNAME>/Documents/Addictive Drums 2/57072/
  • midnam file goes in ~/.config/ardour(#)/patchfiles folder
  • The midnam will appear in the Ardour Track header dropdown box under “XLN Audio”
  • Addictive drums uses “FLEXI” slots for various extra percussion sounds (handclaps, cowbell, tambourine). You will need to assign your own choices to the FLEXI channels, the available choices will depend on what AD2 kits you have within your install.
  • Cymbals may also need to be changed in the AD2 GUI to match up with the types in the Keymap
  • To load the Map in Addictive Drums 2 open it’s GUI, click on the hamburger in the upper right corner and go to the “Map Window”, if you’ve placed the AD2Map correctly it will appear in “My Maps”