Anybody using the Zoom U-22 interface at 24bit 96Khz?

Hi There,

I have Zoom U-22 USB Interface and Windows 10
The interface came with a free copy of Cubase LE 10 but Cubase will not change the sampling frequency to 96Khz, even though the option is offered, I always get an error saying another application is using the device.
Sound Settings in Windows 10 Control Panel will not offer 24bit 96Khz at all, it will only do 24Bit 44.1Khz for the U-22 interface.
I also use Audacity which will happily use the U-22 at 24bit 96Khz.
So, I’ve wasted enough time now with Cubase and would like to know if Ardour will work with the Zoom U-22 at 24bit 96Khz?

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Easiest is to just get the demo version and try:

As for general issues with soundcards and pro-audio applications on windows, can help.

Thank you Robin,
I will try the Ardour demo.
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