Anybody using Novation Launchpad Pro with Ardour on Linux?

I am preparing to move from Ableton Live on OSX and Windows to Linux and Ardour and have some issues I would like to clarify if possible.

  1. I have installed both Ubuntu studio and Linux Mint and tried them out on a Macbook pro and I think Linux mint is what I like best. Are there any important reasons for me to despite that go for Ubunto studio?
  2. I am using two controllers… the Launchapd pro and the Launchcontrol XL, both from Novation. Does anybody have any experience of using them under Linux?
  3. I have a Maudio Air 192/14 soundcard as well as a Behringer U-phoria. I have read some good experiences with the Behringer under Linux but are there anybody that has used the Maudio?
  4. I have many plugins that I plan to sell but Omnisphere is the only one I would try to move to Linux? Is that possible at all?
    I know… many questions so Thank you in advance! Bengt

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