Anybody else out there having Ardour zombified with a region underrun?Everyonce in a while

The last message from Ardour is the well-known “Ardour was kicked by Jack because the HD was not fast enough…” Ardour keeps being operational until I evoke an action that would access the harddrive (e.g. save the project etc.).

I am quite stunned by that - not even shutdown or reboot succeed. The only way, to get rid of ardours zombie and to regain access to the harddisk is to restart the box the MSWin-way: hit the reset-button.

Of course I wonder, if I could be the reason of this machinations but hansons razor did not cut to the real thing yet :wink:

So are there more victims of that out there?

I filed a bugreport with more details:

A safer way to restart an apparently frozen Linux box (even when you cannot Ctl-Alt-F1 to a console or ssh into it) is the key combination:
Raising Skinny Elephants Is Utterly Boring.

Give it a few seconds between keystrokes, particularly (S)ync.