Any way to remove "_Session" from the export filename?

It’s just a little annoying to always have “_Session” included on my filename exports from Ardour3. Anyone know how to remove that?

On my 5.12 I just uncheck ‘Timespan Name’ on the export dialog.

5 years later this is still a thing :slight_smile: running version 5.12, is there a hidden option somewhere that will remove this? It would be very much appreciated!

It is pretty annoying. Any way to just leave out that “_Session” in the filename and let users choose their own filenames for our exported sessions? That would be nice in the next release perhaps…

I know this problem, too - but I use to rename the files after export in Nautilus… :slight_smile:


I do the same thing unfortunately. I’d like to know how I can name my files before exporting them so that I don’t need to rename them in Nautilus constantly. Ardour only starting naming my files “Name_Session” recently, in the last year or so. How can I name my own files without “_Session” included in the name? If there is no way to exclude “_Session” from filename exports, developers please change this in the next update of Ardour3, I beg you.

I hope the next Ardour3 update will get rid of the automatic “_Session” text on each export filename. Or even better, an option to enable/disable and create automatic text to include in every export’s filename! Now that would be convenient in addition to getting rid of an irritating feature.