Any risk of collision between manual install and system install?

Hi everyone,

I installed 8.1 manually on an ubuntu studio system. The version 6 of Ardour that came with ubuntu studio looks to still be installed as well, which I hope won’t hurt anything.

Near as I can tell 8.1 is running great. But the little application menu at the top of my screen seems to think the running version is 6. Is this a sign of anything to be concerned about?


By “manually” do you mean you executed the file that you downloaded from the Ardour web site?
Just making sure you are not talking about compiling from source and trying to copy over files by hand.

Check the “About” windows from the Help menu to make sure you did not start Ardour6 by mistake when intending to start Ardour8. If you used some kind of desktop icon or shortcut it may have been referencing the system installed version.

Hi Chris,

Yes, I executed And the Help->About menu confirms I’m running 8.1.

It’s only the app menu (gnome / Ubuntu in combination) that thinks Ardour 6 is involved. I hope.

That will get installed into a different location than the standard location used by distribution versions, so there should be no conflict.

Thank you. I uninstalled the ardour 6 that came with Ubuntu studio and now everything is both working well and clear

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