Any problems with NASing sessions, config and plug-ins?


I’m running Ardour in KX Studio on a tiny 40GB SSD partition. This is because the SSD is only 120GB and the other 80GB is already taken up by another OS that demands that amount of room as a minimum (CISCO VIRL bare metal install).

For that reason I’m out-boarding as much as I can. Has anyone encountered or can anyone anticipate any problems with the following Ardour folders re-directed to a NAS:

  • plug-ins (LADSPA, LV2, VST, LXVST)
  • session data
  • Ardour config file (may as well while I’m at it).

Also, the NAS is RAID L1 configured across two disks. But this shouldn’t be too much of an issue from what I have read. Anyone differ? I won’t be dealing much with Audio files as I intend to use Ardour for electronic music production, so it’ll be purely MIDI and OSC.

Looking forwards to hearing from the community before I invest too much more time setting things up this way.

  • jerk

You’d have to measure the actual performance yourself. There are no conceptual issues, because the partition(s) on your NAS do not appear to be different in any way from a local partition from the perspective of an application like Ardour. If the NAS is fast enough, you won’t notice any difference either. But only you can measure that.

I have run editing on a NAS successfully in the past. Won’t be as fast as running it on a SSD locally true, but still decent, and I was dealing with a LOT of audio at the time. Have not tried running plugins or config files from it, just session but as paul says, I don’t expect there to be many issues as the OS treats it the same either way, and those files are read much less often than the actual audio.


Thanks paul, thanks seablade.

Just one other thing, in the Ardour manual it says
Save undo history sets how many commands are saved so they are available to be undone after reopening the session.
I understand this to mean that if I set that value to 1 that only the last command I entered would be available to undo if I closed and restarted the session. Is it possible to turn off limiting this command in the same way that it is possible to turn of the limits on undo commands in the current session? If I put a value larger than 512 in there it auto-limits to 512 when the focus changes from that field to another.
Very keen to turn this off if I can so that an unlimited amount of undos are available on session restart. Edit a config file somewhere?