any one knows online jamsessions sites.

I am not sure if this is the right forums to ask but I been thinking of trying to find a site where useres are allowed to be creating jamsessions . I cant afford any pricing on such service so it shall have to be free. also I been a linux user for some time and while I still have a xp set up and use sonar 4 I will also want it to be possible to use as example ardour to record tracks and upload.

I am used to sitting at home and record my own songs but need to play with others to become better guitarist . also I am not a proffesional in anyway. strictly hobby based interests.

anyone knows any sites to recommend. .

I folks, just wanted to throw my two cents in here. I have been around the net quite a bit and tried many collaboration sites and live jamming sites. Online Jam Sessions is by far the best there is and has a fairly steady stream of people jamming on there now compared to these others mentioned. isn’t even a site meant for this and never has anyone there.
I find it un-cool and in lack of taste to try scamming members from Online Jam Sessions to take them somewhere else that may have a similar feature but not even close to all of what OJS offers.

OJS is money well spent and I recommend them over all the rest! Hope you all come try it out when you have a chance. Look forward to jamming with you. All of these sites have to pay for upkeep and servers so $50 a year is very reasonable!

It depends what you want to do, but there are a few free options. If you want to collaborate with others (upload/download each others tracks to make a song) is probably the most widely used. If you want to try playing over the internet live there’s, which requires a small free download. There’s also a new free site, , that has a audio/video conferencing chatroom. However, there’s not that many people using it yet. You can try as well. They have more people using a chatroom exactly like dlive-entertainment, but you only get a 20-day free trial and then have to pay $50 - $100 per year. Or you can find someone to jam with there and when your free trial is over have them join you at for free. Just note that, in all cases of playing online, it works better for some than it does for others regarding latency.


I did find one site. indaba . but the site is not really fully compatible with linux due to the flash used. I will check these links. I dont plan on using the online recording but down/uploading files since I am usd to working on harddisc recorder first. use computer for editing and final mixing. and creating drums too.

some of these links look pretty exiting. thanks.

Yeah, I’ve heard about indaba before, but never tried it. I know with kompoz you upload/download tracks as wav files, so it sounds like what you’re looking for. Another new collaboration site I found is So check that one too. Try out the other places to meet musicians and stuff as well though.


this looks interesting. I need to become better at working with others and you learn much more from others than when you just sit home and record stuff. I recorded on fourtrack cassette recorder when I was sixteen. on harddisk recorder seven years ago and now thinking about switching to use the computer as the main recording unit-. the practise recording and mixing things when working on a online site I think could be very usefull experience in the end. I will certainly chekc these sites out.

indabada I only entered a remix contest and uploaded a single simple remix. I did not use the site for more and joined just a couple of days ago so I cant really say much about it yet. but it seems interesting.

“Chris” is from OJS. It’s either the conman owner “Jammin” or one of the minions he gave free time to.

“I find it un-cool and in lack of taste to try scamming members from Online Jam Sessions”

I do too! lol And that is EXACTLY what good old Ben is doing to every single sucker who actually pays to use his site. And “similiar features”??? THEY ARE THE EXACT, I REPEAT, THE EXACT SAME VIDEO CHAT ROOM. There isn’t ONE single difference other than what else might be on the same page as the chat window. And by the way, ojs’ video chat room ISN’T MEANT FOR ONLINE PLAYING. Go visit and you will find THE EXACT SAME VIDEO CHAT ROOM. Oh yeah, that one’s free too. Hell, technically, you’re paying $5 at ojs to use the EXACT same adobe flash chat that has for free too!

$50 will be reasonable when that cheap wad Ben pulls a little cash out of his dirty jeans and pays to have some actual advertising and promotion for the site so there’s more than 8 or so regular users. Otherwise he’s just expecting YOU to pay for HIS server (since the software IS free) so he doesn’t have to.

If you really want something worth paying for, or to at least make yourself feel less stupid about paying for a video chat room at ojs, pay the $10 a month for eJamming. Or use Ninjam for free like I said before. Don’t listen to tools like Chris/Ben.

Suddenly, I’m a big fan of kompoz. Thank you! Within moments I found a guy from England and another from Australia that are playing hard rock in a style I love.

Kompoz is prob the mostly used, but here are some others you might wanna try too: