Any idea when a debian package for 2.0 will hit the repositories?

I’m dying of the suspense! Ya, ya, I know I can build from source and will do that if I hear that a new debian package is a ways from being ready. My mouse is getting weary from hitting the synaptic reload button so often (from debian unstable).

I’m using the ubuntustudio repository which has two builds of ardour2 (one is for i686)


the GPG key:


Seeing that there’s still a pre-2.0 version in the experimental repository, I would recommend you build it from sources (or use the ubuntu debs, but I’m not sure it’s cleaner).

Unless you’re ready to wait … :wink:

(I compiled it on Sid, and it worked flawlessly - thanks to the devs and to scons)

I did first try the version from ubuntu studio, and got it installed. I would not recommend it though, it has slightly different package names in places and I nearly got in a situation with broken packages that would have been a pain to correct.

In the end, the package, 2.02 just arrived in unstable and I’m good to go.

Thanks for the advice all.

I replaced my scons version with sid’s one (I’m on Sid anyway) and it works flawlessly too !