Any good Linux mixbus compression plugin

Does anyone know any good Linux compression plugin that works very nice for mixbus compression.

I know there is a paid plugin from tracktion that has one in their daw essentials plugins but I’m just wondering if there are any others

Off the top of my head…

For free:
Ardour’s own ‘a-Compressor’ is very versatile and far more impressive than you might think for a bundled in Plugin…

@x42 -Plugins Compressor and Limiters are very good as well!

LSP (Linux Studio Plugins) I’m not overly experienced with these and I’m a bit overwhelmed by the UI’s but the DSP is very good!

Secret Weapon alert: Barry’s Satan Maximizer from the ‘SWH Plugins’ collection. Put it on a mixbus and set it at about 24 samples with a knee-point of -2 to -3db and tell me it’s not the balls


All compressors from the ACMT set, VERY reasonably priced top notch hardware emulation by a guy who knows the hardware inside out!

uhe Presswerk… From compression to Limiting this is a great all-in-wonder… extra good when blended with their ‘Satin’ Tape emulation Plugin!


I am an amateur, but the Harrison LV2 plugins have yielded good results for me.

I have some Harrison lv2 plugins as well. I do have mixbus version 5 but I didn’t upgrade to version 6 when it released and I don’t have version 7.

Don’t know if you mean only free plugins but I use u-he Presswerk - very versatile and well worth the money as it covers so many bases…

Are you asking specifically about a bus compressor rather than a channel compressor?

The short answer is any compressor can be used as a bus compressor with the right settings. It may be worth spending the time to research what those settings are when used on a bus, and why they are used.

Was kinda asking both, I know that I have to do more of my own testing, but just was wondering if any Linux plugins that were known for being used for how it performs.

There are plenty of good compressor for Linux around. Beside those already mentioned from x42 and LSP, you may want to check also:

Included Plugins | EQ10Q (CS10Q)

Please never recommend the CALF plugins. They are a constant source of crashes in Ardour, and many of them have DSP glitches, if not outright poor design.

Let’s not forget ZamAudio plugins here


Ouch, I noticed this too especially with their eq and other plugin in their catalog. I hope they optimize their plugins, they have lots of great ones.

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