Any Ardour sound design / sound track experts want to collaborate?

I’m working on an immersive audio drama and - due to some recent professional and personal life changes - my current (highly talented) sound designer / composer may be maxed out. I’m exploring the idea of involving someone else, perhaps to work in parallel on one of the story lines in our current episode.

He’s a Mac guy, and of course I defer to his choice of tools for his work. I thought it might be cool though to get some free software involved in the audio production.

While I believe we are producing some pretty good work, relatively speaking, this project is not monetized, and I fund it out-of-pocket. I’m looking for the impossible: an exquisitely talented, inventive sound designer interested in collaborating for credit, or perhaps a token honorarium that any sane person would consider insultingly small compensation.

So, just throwing this out there. If this piques your interest, let me know and I can elaborate off the forums.

edit: for some reason private messages seem to be disabled on this discourse instance. You can contact me at .

I’m interested in hearing more at least.

Sure - drop me a line at . Thanks!

It seems like there is enough interest, why don’t you post some more information about the project here if you feel comfortable doing so?


I’m a bit reluctant to broadcast it; but if anyone is idly curious, drop me a line at the email address above and I’ll send a link!