Antibubbles - "Catawampus" (fuzzy, synthy power pop)

Hello Ardour forums! I’ve been a proud Ardour user for 2-3 years now.

My band, Antibubbles, just recorded a 4-song EP for FREE internet consumption, and I did all the mixing, etc. in Ardour.

We’re a synthesizer-driven power pop band from Raleigh, NC.
More on us here:

The new EP is called Catawampus.

You can stream or download the entire thing for free! It asks for a donation amount - please feel free to donate if you like what you hear, but it’ll also take $0 as an acceptable amount :slight_smile:

We recorded all the parts separately - drums, vocals and guitars were all recorded using a Zoom H2. Bass and synth were recorded direct-in.

I used a ton of Ardour plugins! Lots of TAP and Calf plug-ins, including compression, EQ, reverb and delay effects, the guitar distortion is the Amp V plug-in + TAP EQ.

Check it out, and let me know what you think! :smiley:

Dave / Antibubbles

I’m going to give you the benefit of an honest critique, the same as if I were analysing my own track. This means that I’m going to focus more on what’s wrong than what’s right – really, it’s just that I’m in mixing mode and am on the lookout for what’s wrong (and skimming over what I shouldn’t touch).

Dynamic contrast. Certainly, it’s not too a big factor for this style of music. But here it IS a biggie. The drums and rhythm guitar are dynamically flat, making it hard to keep interest. The drums are super busy, and since there’s no contrast, no beat emerges: lost ‘hook’ opportunity. The guitar is a spastic one-tone drone that doesn’t so much pop. The tracks would imo hit harder with more synthesizer to hold the bottom end and the guitar used more occasionally as sort of a spotlight. [Edit: It totally works on “Our Capsule” though. Love the texture there.]

The synth has some pretty sweet bits. It’s the money here. The way the synth is used as well as the doubling of male-female vocals give it a Rentals vibe.

You guys know how to play your instruments about 10 times better than I play.

You can check out if you feel like tossing an equally discerning ear back ;3

antibubbles and thisisquitealongname: nice synthy stuff both of you! Love this kind of stuff (and probably gonna rip off some sounds as I’m working on an album in this vein as we speak :wink:

Thisisquitealongname: tunes are groovy, but your website is incredibly hard to read (not that I have the best eyes)

great Dave, like it a lot, carry on you guys !

your Prof Knaakenbroed