Another question about BCF2000 and supported features

Hello, everyone. I’ve read that the BCF2000 supports control ‘pages’ in mackie emulation mode…i.e. that if, for instance, I have more than 7 tracks, subsequent pages will control those tracks out of the box. Is this true? I haven’t had the opportunity to test it as of yet. If anyone has done so successfully, I’d like to hear about it.

Also, is there support for the mapping of additional control parameters (i.e. control over plugin parameters and sends/returns) under mackie emulation? I haven’t found any information on this yet…


Yes, that’s true. By means of the preset buttons you change “pages” and it works out of the box. The 7th strip in the BCF will control your last track so that if, for example, you’ve got 8 tracks, the first one will be lost in the second page, the second one will be at the first strip and so on. The display will indicate the “page” you’re at.

As for mapping additional controls, I don’t think so, not in an easy way at least. (I remember there was a discussion here about how to map the buttons and so on, the programmer looking for opinions and feedback)