Another punky pop tune we finished today

After enjoying all the good feedback I got from you guys on the last track I finished mixing “State of conformity” while trying to avoid some of the mistakes in the previous tune. You’ll find “State of conformity” at:

Again, all any any feedback is welcome. Enjoy!


Great stuff, enjoyed the other tune as well. Great sounds and mixes that pull you right in without being over-produced. As mentioned by others please share your workflow, obviously you’ve got things down to a formula that works. :slight_smile:

He did it again!!! :smiley:
Very cool piece! Even though I like Imprisoned better, it’s also a very catchy song, keep up the good work - and us updated!

Not sure what mistakes you avoided, there aren’t any in Imprisoned :wink:


p.s. I’m interested in the mastering process if you like to share it with us. The volume looks heavily maximized but it still sounds good.

Thanks for all the comments :smiley:

We recorded the drumkit first on 8 channels using mostly SM57s with a Beyerdynamics opus88 on the kick and a couple of sennheiser-something electrostatic overheads. Guitar was recorded on three stereo tracks with the opus on the cone and a sennheiser at 45 degrees. Bass similarly but just one mono channel. Vocals were recorded on a non-brand condenser mic.

Mixing was done by “fiddling around”. Eventually landing on a bunch of compression on most of the individual tracks. The Zita AT-1 pitch corrector on each of the individual vocal tracks and reverb where appropriate. Kick drum was equalized to cut down on the lowest frequencies.

Mastring was done in Jamin as an insert on the master bus. Only a bit of eq was applied here, but the gain and boost knobs got turned pretty far towards eleven.

I can’t remember the specific plugins we used but if the experience taught me something it is that good sound comes from getting all the details right. We tried all sorts of plugins until we found what worked, and we’ll still be remixing and remastering the track again to fix some issues we percieve.

I like it a lot, with one reservation. If you can do the same with non-tuned vocals (more work, I know) it would be AWESOME. OTTO is a bit overdone and tired in my opinion. Same goes for Imprisoned. You can get rid of all your problems by going cold turkey on the tuning…

Great job!