Another possible bug?

Again, I’d be glad to file a bug report, but I’d like to see it’s not just me before doing so.

In a session I have MIDI drums and I am trying to mix in different samples. I had already some of the samples rendered to audio. When I render a new sample, the visualization shows that the samples are not aligned, but they play correctly (i.e., the sound is in sync).

At first I tried to visually align the samples, but then they would become out of sync.

After closing the session and opening it again, the visualization continues to be out of place (as originally shown), but now the sound is not synced anymore. Adjusting according to the visualization now works to sync the (audio) tracks.

Along with the previous problem I am having (see here), I have to constantly reopen sessions.

The first sample was recorded using LSP Sampler, while the second was recorded using ACE FluidSynth.

Could this be something with my system? I’m using the official 6.5 in Debian Sid.

Are you using JACK?

“I have to constantly reopen sessions.” reminded me of

Ah, yes! I’m using Jack2 1.9.16 (from Debian Sid).

Does it seem like a bug in Jack or in Adour? (In case I should try to report it to jack developers.)

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