Another new All Linux/Ardour tune to share

Hi Folks,

Been working in Ardour for a few months now and loving it! We just did a rough mix of a new track called Tragic Gothic Romance. Would love feedback and comments

You can hear it here:



Quite amazing! Really quite amazing. Fantastic voice.

I feel quite stupid for asking this, but are the drums “real” or are you using a sampler?

This sounds great! Nice song, nice mix.

Is there more?

@freddano: The drums sound real to me, but obviously that’s not a definitive answer.

Thank you for the nice comments!. Britt’s voice is truly amazing. I love working with her.
The drums are “real” however I did not record them. They are “loops” of very high quality drums. I purchased a “bundle” of drum parts and I build the drums manually segment by segment for each tune. There will be much more coming. You can hear these two tracks on Jamendo at

If you would like to get to know Britt the vocalist, she has a blog up at

Look for more soon!


Very cool! The drum loops sound very organic, and great production on the horns and vocals, also really enjoyed the lyrics, lyrics are a very underrated skill these days it seems.

Thanks for sharing!