Another Key Binding question

Hey everyone,
I was looking over the key bindings listed at:

and the ALT-s is perfect for my work flow…I use Ardour to do pod-casts mostly, so I will set the time-cursor to where I want to trim, but ALT-s does nothing…I end up using just the ‘s’ key to split at the mouse, but it is not as accurate…

Am I doing something wrong, or is this feature broken?


Dont’t confuse play cursor and edit cursor! It’s sometimes not obvious for newbies that there are two cursors: The play cursor (red) only shows the current position for playing, the edit cursor (blue) indicates the point where you want to split the track.

Gotcha…I’m used to using Cubase (been using it since 1998, and still use it for my music recording).

So…I’m not in front of my computer now…how do you set the ‘edit’ cursor?

see table 1.6:

e: position edit cursor at mouse pointer
Alt-Return: move edit cursor to playhead

Very Cool! Thanks alot!