Another fine Linux compressor option

Looks like a great plugin! I still keep Martin’s K-meter in rotation alongside the x42-plugins for metering duties…


Seriously nice find! Yoinked! :smiley:

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Maybe it’s just me not knowing some detail of their installation but I can’t get Squeezer to work with Ardour 5.12 (GCC5). LV2’s get’s blacklisted and LinuxVST’s crash Ardour.

Any luck anybody ?

What is your distro ? It works here on Debian Buster


It turned out to be my mistake. I started Ardour from the commandline and saw that Squeezer complained about not finding png - files belonging to it’s gui. I did chmod -R 755 Squeezer dir and after that the plugin worked.

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Hi Mikael,
Thanks, that was a very valuable hint! I was not able to start Martin Zuther’s plugins quite some time ago but did not investigate further then… Now I tried again and thanks to you they work now! Thank you very much!

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