another exp to WAV problem: silence?


I´m working with Ardour 2.4.1. on Ubuntu 7.10 now.

While EXPORTING 32-bit projects (or parts of it) to a 32-bit-WAV-file the file will be created but it plays nothing but silence (in VLC for example).

Next I open this exported file in Audacity - and here it is!

So I export it once more: from Audacity to a 32-bit-WAV-file - and now it works on any player; same file, same size…


The only difference between the 2 files I could find is :
exported from Ardour “araw” is mentionend as codec,
from Audacity it´s “aflt” .

Thanks a lot for information,
I´m so happy to work with Ardour these days!

run sndfile-info on the files created by each step, and post the results here. it sounds as if you have chosen 32 bit floating point format as the sample data format for your export. many pieces of software that use their own code to read audio files, rather than something solid like libsndfile, choke on such data formats even though they are perfectly legal WAV files.