Another case for vertical zoom

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Anyway, I have a new project and I can’t see my waveforms :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a 12 channel audio track so even in logarithmic view the quiet parts of the track are almost invisible, and I’m using a 27" 2k screen!

Vertical zoom or hiding some of the channels would be two solutions I can think of, can you suggest another?

+1 for vertical wave zoom but, in the meantime, could you normalize the file to something sensible like -10 dB peaks (unless off-screen they already get that high!)?

Normalizing would be a real pain because then I’d have to turn down the volume to be able to listen comfortably, then when I scroll along to the next bit of my project that is already at a decent level I’d need to turn the volume back up, and then down again for the next bit I’ve normalized, etc.

Yep, I hear you. Vertical zoom functionality sounds like a must in these cases.


Hiding/showing channels selectively would also be a solution because generally I only need to see one or two at a time. But I’d prefer the zoom option.

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I’d be curious to know what’s your workflow that makes you have a 12 channel audio track and why you don’t use 12 audio mono tracks sent to a bus.


Editing multi-mic samples that need to remain locked in sync while being processed.

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