Another 100% Linux Song for your listening pleasure

I have posted other tunes for review. We are producing our first album using Ardour on Linux. There are challenges (working with midi), but overall it is an amazing piece of studio software. I produced in Windows for years and love that I am able to work in Linux. This is another of the tunes we are working on. This one is close to done and I would feedback and input. This is called “Midnight Train”, it was written by the vocalist Britt Moore and I play all the other stuff.


Very nice work thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

It’s a great tune and I like the mix. Just one thing caught my attention: the low frequency range is a bit crowded and in the part after the chorus where electric guitar comes in the combined low frequencies masks the electric guitar and makes it muddy. I’m not sure if the bass guitar alone is responsible for all the lows or if there are some coming from the acoustic guitars also.

First listen on headphones: Nicely done. It seems a bit reverb-heavy, especially on vocals. The long reverb is a really nice effect on the fadeout of the vocals, but a bit much on the rest of the song.

The reverb seems less of an issue on stereo monitors. Perhaps the aforementioned muddiness in lows might be a result of reverb wash?


Haven’t heard it at home yet, but it sounds ok on my crap phone, which is usually the more difficult part to get right. And I am most happy to hear many real instruments.

Thank you for your comments! On this song, its all real instruments…even though the drums are built, they are built with real drums!

I cant listen to it , im using chrome atm