Anomalous Condition - New Track

I just wrapped up a new track this weekend- First project using Ardour 6! Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Holy Porcupine Tree Batman! Is that Steven Wilson on guitar?

Enjoyed the details and overall vibe of this a lot.

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Thanks, Robin! :laughing: - I am humbled by the Steven Wilson comparison. This time, I allowed myself to go out on a limb more than usual… I am very glad that you enjoyed it!

Thanks JD! I am humbled by the Robin comparison! :slight_smile:

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Nice work! Enjoy I did!

Great mix and mood, love that fuzz on the lead guitar and the quasi middle-eastern scale stuff you were playing. (Sorry I don’t know anything about modes and all that stuff).

Thanks, GMaq! Glad you enjoyed it. The fuzz tone is my ProCo Rat pedal, which is quickly becoming my favorite distortion pedal :slight_smile: For the scale, I stuck mostly to the E Phrygian mode (except for some dissonant G#s in the beginning).

Rat… nice pedal, never had one but almost bought one a few times, maybe you’ve pushed me over the edge… :smiley:

I’m curious about what you did for the drums?

heh - When I was a teenager (90s) my friends and I used to disparage the Rat for being too “heavy metal”. Then, later in life, I heard Dave Gilmour sometimes used them for smaller rigs and gave it a second look.

For the drums I used the x42 Black Pearl multi-out plugin. I routed the drums, snare and toms to a parallel compression bus with Calf Compressor I added a little delay to make to give it an extra rhythmic ambience. Also ran everything through AirWindows’ DrumSlam plugin and added reverb via Calf Reverb.

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I thought that was the Black Pearl, you’ve put it to good use, nice work! We’ll be revisiting all of the AVL Drumkits and adding a new small Bop kit and a percussion set in the near future…


Awesome - Those are some great plugins and I look forward to the Bop kit :smiley: