Annoying alert window

I compile ardour from git regularly.

Since few weeks, after i close a running project and open another one (without closing ardour), the new project loads well, but the alert window with the ardour logo and the writing “Session loading complete” goes on showing. I can click to close it, but it reappears when i switch to another ardour windows (for instance the mixer).
The only way to solve this is to close ardour and reopen the project from start.

Anyone?.. thanks.

What platform? What window manager?

Sorry that i didn’t mention the environment:

Linux Mint 17.3, kernel 3.16.0-70-generic.

Update (26 apr 2016):
i just recompiled from git and the problem is gone.

I saw in the git log the commit f8e05b6be32f146256dcbc10d08eebdb17e9fde1
I tend to believe it’s related to the problem (“remove the splash-screen when changing sessions”) …