I have a quite noob-ish question about controlling Ardour with AndrOSC. First off, I’m running Ardour 5.12. The manual does a wonderful job explaining general OSC setup, but I’m not quite understanding a couple of things and as such I’m not able to get things working properly…When I create a button/fader/etc. in AndrOSC, how do I know which numerical values to use in the parameters of the “send” message? What I mean is the manual cites an example of a send message for setting up a surface: /set_surface/8/31/8403/0/8 i 16.

Where do those numbers come into play, and how do I know what number(s) to use when creating a send message? So far, I’ve created some buttons with the following parameters: /transport_play/1 for starting the transport, /transport_stop/1 for stopping it. Neither of these have any effect in Ardour. I’ve already enabled OSC in the “Preferences” menu in Ardour, and I’ve chosen to have all messages logged under the “Debug” drop-down. I’ve left all of the other options set as default in the setup menu.

Please let me know if this question is better suited on Ardour’s IRC channel, or if I need to go back and do more reading…Of course let me know if more details are needed to help answer my questions.

Much appreciated!

A couple of things. I like androsc… but, it has no feedback at all. So if you move a fader in the Ardour GUI, the fader on Androsc does not follow. TouchOSC and Control do have feedback.

/set_surface does not have to be used if you set up your settings with the OSC setup GUI. The first message your surface sends after that will use those settings.

There is no such command as /transport_play/1 or /transport_stop/1 I think in androsc you would do /transport_play 1 (I just tried it and it works) Network settings should have the IP of the box Ardour is running on with a port of 3819

For a demo of a working surface that does have feedback, you could try: on Control (free android app) It requires setting the manual port in the OSC setup GUI to 8080 and the port in Control to 3819. This layout requires at least one bus that is not connected to the master bus and at least one one send from an audio channel to that aux bus. is more of a transport controller. It also controls the selected channel, but the feedback does not seem to fully work. This may be because this layout is quite old and the feedback options have changed a bit.

@lenovens thanks! I’m still not getting it to work…I think I need to spend some more quality time with the manual. I may also try Conrol instead, it seems like more people are using either that or TouchOSC anyways. It isn’t absolutely imperative that I get it figured out, it was just something i’ve always wanted to mess around with and had some time to do so this past weekend.