Analog gear and > 0 dB?

Hi people, how are you doing? I did one mastering procedure using the Alesis 3630 and after that one dBTP limiter style plugin for sound controlled and safe about levels. I checked after bounce = -1.4 dBTP, FL Studio the same, SPAN Free from Voxengo, que same, LEVELS from Mastering the Mix, the same, EXPOSE from Mastering the Mix the same, but when I was looking levels the master was > 0 dB and in red color, but none about red clipping signal… What I did? I putted the song (creating an audio track), external send for outs of the interface > analog gear… created another blank audio track style with insert for ins of the analog gear for signal from the compressor and linked the outs of the previous external send… all worked like a charm and used the dBTP limiter inside master channel. Someone can say to me what occured? Ah! I did not send the original track to master, because would be doubled sounding and no, not sounding distorted, very good by signal.

Just the K14 metering, sorry for the inconvenience, thanks :smiley:

So you are asking why the meter on the master channel shows peaks higher than you expected?
Was your limiter plugin on the master channel? Perhaps the meter was configured before the plugin and not after.

Good day ! I am not clear what it is you are asking however may I recommend the following video , and indeed YouTube channel. This gave me a very much clearer understanding of what the priorities are with Digital recording

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