An idea on Editor List view in Ardour 3.0

With best wishes to the ardour development team;

I think the current usage of this Editor List panel is somewhat hard to use and frustrating. I think it would be better that the tabs could be double clicked to reveal the panel corresponding to them. ie: when the user double clicks Tracks and Busses tab, the panel would expand onto the middle of the screen to show all the available options, another double click would shrink the panel off the screen to the right). The current drag and drop to expand it method is hard to use and rather odd. Thank you.

This conversation should really be happening on IRC or on Mantis(Feature Request) rather than here.


OK posted on mantis too. By the way which type of posts are suitable for this ideas for ardour forum?

Just feedback on A3 is discouraged at this time as it is not even in alpha yet. Any other style of discussion is perfectly fine, however any feature requests or bug reports are likely to be lost unless posted in Mantis.

Any conversation to do with A3 development should be happening on IRC or on Mantis.