An example of what can be done with ardour - Multitrack live recording - remixing

A long time ago my band played in the venue i work in (kingtuts wah wah hut) and at the time my boss had not long got an alesis HD24 multitrack hard disk recorder so he recorded the gig for us. I took the source files (all wave) and well forgot about it.

This is an example of what you can do in ardour, This was recorded live on a somwhat small stage. So there was already some processing like gates and compressors on some channels.

Channel list.

Snare Top
snare bottom (this channel sounds like the mic was on the floor, then just stopped working so not used)
Hi hats
Bass di
Bass Mic
Gtr L
Gtr R
Vox 1
Vox 2
Vox 3

Im a big fan of the calf plugins, but since these are all stereo they wont work on mono channels, rather than using the calf plugin rack since that would become quite a big rack with no labelling. Using the mono to stereo splitter solves the problem.

5 ch Calf Eq on kick, overheads, bass di and mic, both guitars, and on the last 2 vocals.
Calf compressor on the bass and the last 2 vocals

A stereo bus with calf compressor which all the drums except for hi hats and overheads were routed to for a stereo compressed kit bus (none of the original drum channels in the mix so only compressed drums in the mix)

A stereo bus for a calf reverb for the drums
A stereo bus for calf reverb for the vocals - im not very keen on the reverb i think id prefer it pretty dry to be honest.

All this took about 6 hours including figuring out regions so i could expert it to multiple tracks, the track splits also include the chat split into seperate tracks.

I put a compressor over the master bus but felt it was taking away too much even on pretty low settings so took it away again.

A few notes about problems within the track. My kick drum is all over the place in the really fast stuff where im doing 32nd doubles, the kick also sounded horendous, nothing the calf eq couldnt handle and the compression over the groups really brought it together and made it punchy.

Our bass player gets excited and trys to kill his strings, resulting in loss of bottom end and rediciulsou peaks caused by the strings hitting the pickups. i think i ended up with close to infinity to 1 ratio it was that bad.

Other than 1 of the guitars sounding a bit thin, though thats probably what seperates it from the other guitar it turned out not to bad.

I’ll need to come back to this now i have the project setup the way i want, and i can do a mix for each track speficially rather than just working on the project as a whole long recording.


Like it! Great band with great performance energy. especially love the drums, at that tempo a lot of drummers lag and start to pull the band down but you’re right on top of the beat all the way through.

As far as the quality I think it’s a pretty good live recording, I mean there are always compromises and something bleeding into something else and levels getting out of control, that just the way of live recording. But I think it’s great that you didn’t just forget about this and took the time to dig it up and finish it off.

Nice job!