Amplifier direct-in

I have a new Fender Mustang II amp that I would like to take direct out of the amp’s USB port and into my desktop’s USB input. I can’t get any signal input to register on Ardour. Can someone suggest what may be the issue? Thanks!

Greg Zenitsky

I have a Mustang, and when the amp is on and connected at boot time, it is listed
in qjackctl as Mustang amp, and usbaudio device. Choose it from the settings page,
click the > icon by ‘Input Device’ (on the middle far-right of the gui). I have used it
to simultaneously play using rakarrack, and wineasio-Reaper hosted vst plugins, so the creative
potential is unlimited, just cpu/ram constraints. My installations are pclinuxos
2009 Minime KDE, and the latest 2010 pclinuxos Openbox/KDE, and
Puppy Studio 3.0 and 3.1, puppy linux media distros built on ubuntu Lucid repos.

I’m not sure how choosy the Mustang is about which of your usb ports is best, but
Fender say not to use a hub, and that it is hot swappable. usbview lists the hardware details.

Thee bee jamin!
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edit, I have tested the headphone out, (poor-mans line-out) and it seems very noise-free. At normal headphone playing volume, the guitar h-p output is about 2/3 that of the usb output, but boosting the volume doesn’t add much noise. It also lets you record with the aux-in so your drum machine, mp3s etc can be used. And you can control the volume by the amp knob, instead of the mouse on a rakarrack/amplitube screen.

Your issue is most likely not with Ardour.

First my question is, is this USB device recognized by ALSA, in other words can it be used by other software? Second do you have Jack started using it then?


I bought the Mustang 1 and have had no troubles recording it into Ardour. The only problem I faced was selecting my preferred output device in QJackCtl. Recording from the USB port was trouble-free and very clean.

Btw, I ran the FUSE software on Ivy’s Vista desktop box. Nice stuff, too bad it won’t work under Linux. The amp is worth triple its MSRP once it’s engaged the software.