Amp modellin

My current set up

All six lines including instruments and vocals into a Mackie 1604-VLZ3. I then run the lines into my Maudio ProFire 2626. I then record that signal with Ardour. Next I run the the 6 lines back to lines 9 to 14 of the Mackie then to the room monitors.

This lets me control the signal strength and some limited effects to the input and the monkeys, (mostly the singer) can fuck around with what is coming through the monitors.

The guitars are being recorded straight from the guitarist effects. what is the best amp modelling software I can add to the chain to fatten the guitars up a bit? What I would like is something very simple and not resource hungry.

Voxengo Boogex is kinda cool:

Thanks guys.

I have decided to put my pod500hd in the chain before the mixer. this will make sure there is no more demand on the recording computer