'Ambiguous file'

Hi there. I recently imported several WAV files into my Ardour project. (if it’s important, I imported these WAVs from the ‘interchange folder’ of a different project.) Now every time I open up Ardour, it tells me there are ‘ambiguous files’ and that I have to select the path of the WAV I want, and I have to click ‘Done’ for every single one before the project loads up. How can I bypass this so that the project automatically picks the WAVs in its own interchange folder? They should already be copied into the session so I don’t understand why those dialogue boxes have to come up.

Another unrelated question: is there a way to rename the ‘takes’ in an edit group? It was very convenient that the playlists could be linked in an edit group with ‘selection’ enabled – but if I tried to rename any of them, they became unlinked…

Help is appreciated! Thank you!

Having this same problem. Any thoughts?

Not sure, but probably you will fix your imported files problem in Preferences/Misc./ if check the box “always copy imported files in the session folder”

To rename a region, if that’s what you want, right clic on it and on top of the pop-up menu appearing you will find “rename”

I intentionally didn’t copy the files from the other session’s interchange folder for disk space reasons. Do you think renaming will remove the ambiguity? I thought it only renamed regions, not underlying files.

Renaming is what create the ambiguity, I don’t do that…;

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying – could you elaborate?