alternative to SAC?

I’m looking for a linux-alternative to SAC

Is it possible to build a live mixing console with about 16 channels with ardour?

Is there another linux application to do that?

Yes Ardour CAN do that, however SAC is a bit more flexible in live situations is what I have been told by people that I Know that have used it, primarily in reference to scene programming and recall I would imagine. At the moment Ardour has no concept of such things, the closest you get is its snapshots, but in order to recall a snapshot audio flow is interrupted which means it can’t be used for live usage.

So the answer depends on your exact situation. I have and continue to use it live on occasion, and in the situations I use it, it works fine for me. But it is not the best answer for all situations.


Would mixbus for linux improve the qualification of ardour for mixing live events?

Not exactly, different products, different markets. You still need to decide what your actual use case is before it can be determined what is the best option.

Mixbus does improve things somewhat in that it has a familiar channel strip layout, and yes I prefer it to Ardour for live use because of that and the DSP built into it. But in the end both have the same shortcomings as well in as far as being able to recall or store mute, automation, etc. scenes. They are both designed for a DAW first and foremost, SAC on the other hand is designed first and foremost to be a replacement live console. Different products and different markets.