Alternative to Rhythm Ferret?


just wanted to know if there is any alternative to rhythm ferret available on linux. I’m doing a lot of time-based editing these days, rhythm ferret is functional in detecting the rhythm and splitting regions accordingly, but there is no automatic resizing, a la pro tools, which saves A LOT of time to people like me, that have some timing problems while recording :slight_smile: and also to people owning recording studios, that need to do this kind of thing as fast as possible. And having to resize/stretch regions manually is not fast at all.


@vervelover: freecycle would be the only obvious answer. Please keep in mind that the type of musical production that you’re doing is not well supported on Linux.

Thanks a lot for the answer! I’ll try this freecycle, though it doesn’t seem to integrate at all in Ardour… how is development around the rhythm ferret going?

@vervelover: my time recently has been spent almost entirely on general ardour 3 development. there is nothing happening with RF at present.