Alternative to Jamin on Linux: Software for Mastering


i used Jamin for years with pretty good results for the mastering but i think that the software is not developed anymore and seems very old.
What software do you use for mastering?
Please let me know some good alternative actually developed.

I find that I can do all my mastering within Ardour or Mixbus using individual plugins. Exporting to all the various formats is amazingly efficient. Here’s my current list of plugins that I generally reach for during mastering:

x42-plugins, lsp-plugins and zam-plugins

Others of note:

EQ: eq10q, Luftikus
Compressor: Squeezer (mzuther)
Limiter: Loudmax
LUFS meter: Klangfreund LUFS/multimeter, K-meter (mzuther)
Dither: Built-in TPDF or shaped, or Airwindows Dark/NJAD

Graphical analysis on export is the bee’s knees…

There’s a program called Ardour that is pretty excellent for mastering.

Good plugins listed by @bachstudies already.

The GVST suite has a couple of nice plugins too like GSatMax if you want just a touch of oompf on your master.

commercial products, but i use overtone fc70,
u-he presswerk on most of my mastering jobs. as well as the ones mentioned by bachstudies

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I’m so tempted by that one. I used to use Ammunition on Magix Sequoia/Samplitude and it’s by the same developer…Ammunition 2.0, if you will…

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Presswerk is really fantastic, I can’t recommend it enough. I use it mostly for vocals and mastering.

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